Robert Roscigno Photography & Films


Robert Roscigno Photography & Films is an internationally-acclaimed photography studio that specializes in providing our clients with a personalized, special experience from start to finish.  We specialize in a tailored and dynamic experience that starts with our clients’ unique vision and culminates in collaboration to design one-of-a-kind, beautiful pieces of artwork for our clients and their families. Our clients have discriminating tastes and are looking for more than just the average wedding photographer.  Our clients are looking for artistry, carefully crafted images that make beautiful artwork; our clients are looking for magic. 

At Robert Roscigno Photography & Films, we strive to help our clients artistically archive life’s finest moments.

To us, that means that we will not only capture those moments that you want to remember forever, we will compose them so that they look exactly as wonderful as you remember them feeling.  That is what RRP&F is all about.  With our unique blend of cinematic and photojournalistic styles, we are able to capture our clients true connections, in compelling and beautiful images that become treasured heirlooms. 

Check out some of our beautiful products that are treasured by our clients on the Pricing page.